Take a tour of our facility:

Our tour begins at the reception desk, where we will ask you to sign in and possibly pay your dues! You can check schedules for the racquetball court, classes, seminars, etc.
Reception Desk
Straight ahead is the door to the racquetball/volleyball court (shown from above).
Racquetball & Volleyball Court
Moving along to the left are the spinner bikes. Use them individually or come to a class.
Spinner Bikes
If you go upstairs, you will see the main exercise room. Right at the top of the stairs is the treadmill, stepper, and walker area. When you are on these machines, you can watch your favorite shows on TV as you burn those extra calories.
Main Exercise Room
If you want some light exercise or you want to single out that certian muscle that gives you the most trouble, there are two rows of exercise machines.
Exercise Machines

Our New Addition

With hundreds of square feet